Installation Guide Mobile.Ap889


Mobile App is the application that specially design for Ours Website Ap889, It have android application and ios application. The android application supported and compatibility by android Pad and android Phone and the IOS application have iPhone application and iPad application.

Installation Steps:

1.Steps One:

Method One: Destop Input You will see ours website and than you will see the QR code in-front of ours website just using the phone app to scan it, if you using Iphone can Scan QR Code IOS, If Using Android Phone can Scan QR Code Android…

Method Two:Using Your Mobile Phone Input in any browser You will see ours website and than just Click on (Download for android or Download for IOS).

2.Steps Two:

Get the following page by Scan the QR code below to installing for Mobile App Android or IOS.

Note: If appear the following page by scanning to download, Please according to the graphic operation to use the browser to download auto like Chrome or Fire Fox Browser.

 Get the following page by scan Ours QR Code below to install, Then select the corresponding system to download. (The IOS application only can be downloaded on the Apple devices)

(IOS)  (Android)

3.Steps Three:

After click the button of download,the Apple device will automatically download and install the Ap889 application on the surface of the table.For android device,you need find the installation package(app889.apk),then click the Package installer,you can open the application after install successfully.

Note: For the IOS Version after installed we need to Trust ours app, Please going to the =>Setting=>General=>Device Managerment=>Ala Finanical Co.., Ltd=>Trust.=< Done…

Usage Method:

If can't login or repeat prompt update version. please uninstall your application and downloadand & Installing it again as steps above, If you still have any problem with ours app application, please can contact us. Thank You!